Title: Chinese Style Tourist Souvenir Chinese Characteristics of Silk People
Product Type: Tourist Souvenir
Pattern: as in the picture
Material: Silk, Cattle Bone Meal
Process: Mechanical and Handmade
Product Size: 29*12cm
Packaged Size: 34*14*13cm
Product Weight: 36g

1. It is the Chinese traditional costumes woman wearing a long dress to foot, covering waistcoat, long-barreled foot
with white stockings, wear embroidered shoes saucers etc.
2..The hair style is also Chinese Man nationality women's hair style, shape of a plate-type crown, showing a towering
stand upright style
3. Originated in the tang dynasty, Silk People is one of the traditional arts and crafts, artisans carefully select the finest
silk, silk yarn, silk as raw materials, through sculptures, painting, clothing, hair and props and a dozen fine manual
processes, made all kinds of people.
4. It is suitable as home decoration, car decoration, etc., can also be used as souvenirs

Package Content
1x Silk People

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Tourist Souvenir Chinese Characteristics of Silk People

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