Name: Yu Hang 1: 63 Mini zip-top can of remote control car
Brand: Yu Hang   Model: c8803   Color: purple
car Dimension: 7*3*2.5cm   zip-top can Dimension: 12.5*6*6cm   Packing: zip-top pvc box
Battery: 2 AA batteries( not included)   operating frequency:   Control Distance: Around 20m
Material: ABS Environmental protection plastic and electronic devices   Suitable Age: above 3 years old   Function: Forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and with light
Pay attentions
1.When operating, the hand can not come into contact with remote antenna, otherwise it will affect the remote distance. Once the antenna is broken or insert other parts, is easy to cause injury
2.When car speed slow down which means low charge, according to the above method to recharge
3.appropriate deceleration can be done in different twist When the car sharp turns and backward    
4.Such as remote control battery is low, the car not charge into the power, the charge indicator light dims or no light,the using time of the car is getting shorter, which means need change new battery
5.Please do not remote control car and charging port and charging jack be modified, otherwise the component may be damaged and may cause adverse incidents
6.Do not charge the car twice in a low, charging interface promptly pulled out after being charged
7.When not in use for a long time, the car's power switch to the "OFF" position and remove the remote control battery
8.Must be accompanied by an adult assemble remote control, remove the car. Remove the screws must be kept by adults to ensure that children can not be touched
This product is a toy, remote control does not need to mount a high-capacity battery, ordinary AA batteries will be ok.

Package list
Racing * 1 * 1 remote control, antenna * 1, English specification * 1, roadblocks* 4

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1: 63 Mini zip-top can of remote control car

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