Name: Digital Multimeter Hand Held Universal Meter DFSP063005 Battery NOT INCLUDED
Brand: RUIAN Product Model: XL830L Product Type: Hand Held
DC Voltage:
200mV-2-20-200-600V±0.5% Alternating Voltage:
200V-600V±1.0% DC Current: 200u-2m-20m-200m-10A±1.8%
200-2k-20k-200k-2MΩ±1.0% Triode Measurement: YES
(PNP/NPN Audion hFE) Diode Measurement: YES
On-Off Measurement: YES Data Maintain: YES Background Light: YES
Input Resistance: 1MΩ Battery: 9V 6F22 Max Display: 1999
Display Size: 45*20mm Product Size: 135*67*33mm Product Net Weight: 190g with Packing Box
*1. 3 1/2 digital LCD screen, max display 1999
*2. Support data maintain function
*3. Low voltage symbol display
*4. Support background light function
*5. With overload protection
*6. With on/off measurement
Package Content
1x Multimeter
1x Cable
1x User Manual

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Digital Multimeter Hand Held Universal Meter DFSP063005

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