Name: Useful Watch Repair Tools Kit Back Case Opener Remover Portable 27pcs GK2

Product Model: GK2 Tool Kit Size: 25*16*4cm

Product Net Weight: 385g
*1. Useful: Useful watch repair tools kit, easy for you to replace battery, disassemble watch band, fix movement and so on
*2. Consist of: pilers, lid flipper, stainless steel tweezers, watchband fix base, dial plate fix base, hammer, 10x magnifying
lens, stainless steel rear lid opener, pin*4, waterproof cream, watchband link pin remover, clean cloth, double ends
screwdriver, holder, one end screwdriver, air blower, steel punching strip*3, screwdriver*4, watchband punching strip*3
Package Content
1x Watch Repair Tools Kit (27pcs)

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