Name: Hardware Tools Metallic Tool Electronic Digital Caliper Metal Caliper 0-150mm 9356

Brand: LH
Product Model: 9356 Resolution: 500*100
Reading: 150mm Accuracy: 0.01mm Range: 0-150mm

Product Material: Metal Working Temperature: -20 to 50℃
Product Size: 26*8*2cm

Product Net Weight: 300g
*1. Convenient: Large screen electronic digital caliper, easy to read and measure
*2. High Accuracy: Easy switch from British system to metric system, reset at any time, with switch and trolley, very easy
and convenient to use
*3. Useful: It can measure external diameter, inner diameter, depth and steps
*4. Easy Connect: Comes with serial output ports, easy to connect with RS-232 computer or printer
*5. Durable: High quality metal material, waterproof, dustproof and oil resistant
Package Content
1x Electronic Digital Caliper

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Electronic digital display vernier calipers

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