Title: LA Nano Handy Mist Spray Atomization Facial Mister Steamer Moisturizing Facial Beauty Instrument LA0801
Brand: LA Model: LA0801 Product Color: Pink
Material: Environmentally Friendly
ABS Plastic, Ion Atomization Film Water Tank Material: Environmental
Protection PP Water Tank Capacity: 20ml
Battery Capacity: 2600mAh Input/Output: 5V 1A Gear: 1 Gear
Spray Heat: Cold Spray Machine Size: 130*50*35mm Product Weight: 97g
*1. Handy Mist Spray - compact and portable design, easy and convenient for carrying, thus to ensure you can moist your
skin at anytime anywhere you want.
*2. All-in-one Moisturizing - for facial, body, hair and other parts of the maintenance, to prevent hair static, reduce skin
wrinkles, reduce skin sensitivity
*3. Nano Atomization Replenishment - 0.3 micron atomization cold spray, water molecules easy to absorb, quickly
penetrate into the bottom of the skin to keep moisturizing
*4. Cold Spray - help to inhibit melanoma cells, dilute spots, shrink pores, anti-inflammatory to eliminate redness or
allergies, and take away the pores of the skin grease, effective control of acne
*5. Mobile Power Charging Function - built-in a rechargeable lithium battery, which can give power to the machine operation,
but also to the phone and other machines to charge
*6. 20ml Large Tank - fuselage design of good sealing, eco-friendly PP water tank, it has long use life span
*1. Applying Posture: while using, keep the instrument upright jet
*2. Applying Distance: to the largest area of water mist can contact the skin and the surface of the skin is not the
of water shall prevail
*3. Water Tank Cleaning: 50 ℃ warm water: white vinegar = 2: 1 ratio with a good addition to the water tank in the erection
of immersion for about 40 minutes, and then rinse, or use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or boil water into the water tank
inside the hot powder and then drained.
*4. Place: after use, do not place it upside down, so as not to water tank corrosion or plug the atomization film
Package Content
1x Mist Spray
1x Charging Cable
1x Storage Bag
1x User Manual

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LA Water Supply Instrument LA0801 Pink

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