Title: Myskinlike Beauty 3 Colors Colorful Photon Rejuvenation Therapy Massager Facial Beauty Device
Brand: Myskinlike Model: SWT-150B Color: Pink
Body Material: ABS Resin Head Material: Stainless Steel Photon Colors: Red, Green, Blue
Power Supply: 1*AA Battery
(not included) Massage Strength: High and Low
2 Gears Adjustable Size: Length 135mm, Width 43mm,
Thickness 36mm
Product Weight: 80g
*1. Home use multi-purpose IPL rejuvenation instrument, set deep clean, enhance the penetration, refreshing skin care and
other functions all in one, and it is easy operate. Using every may help through effective deep cleansing and moisturizing
care making the skin smooth and moist
*2. Ion import and export technology with skin care products efficient skin care, ion export technology to export pore dirt,
ion import technology to let the essence of care deep into the skin
*3. 3 colors photon beautiful skin instruments, each color of light shows beneficial effects on particular skin conditions.
You may chose to use, a magic treatment machine for skin reborn.
*4. Red Light: wavelength 625 ±3nm, for all types of skin to activate cells and promote the formulation of collagen, and
remove eyes wrinkles and eyes pouch
*5. Green Light: wavelength 525±3nm, for oily skin to balance owater and oil of the skin, to improve dull and so on
*6. Blue Light: wavelength 465 ±3nm, activate cells, down melanin, lighting and whiting skin, also can make skin moisture.
*7. Before the first use, please do allergy test on the skin of ear or wrist, if allergic, please immediately stop using
*1. Do not use when there is an implantable medical electronic instrument
*2. Pregnant women need consult a professional physician
*3. Products can not be used for throat, eyeballs etc.
*4. Please remove the glasses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other metal items before use
*5. Do not apply on the excessive sunburn skin
*6. Do not apply on allergy or redness parts, itching or fever parts
*7. Do not apply on the shaving parts or where just used hair removal products
Package Content
1x Beauty Device
1x User Manual
1x Packing Box

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Myskinlike Skin Rejuvenation Device SWT-150B Pink

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