Title: Myskinlike Home use Hottest Radio Frequency RF EMS Facial Wrinkles Removal Skin Lifting SWT-150A

Brand: Myskinlike Model: SWT-150A
Color: Champaign Gold
Material: ABS Resin Head
Material: Stainless Steel
Display Type: 1.3" OLED
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery Rated Voltage/Current: 3.7V
1000mA Charging Voltage: 4.2V max

Charging Time: about 4 hours Duration Time: about 1 hours Charging Cable Length: 1 Meter

Product Size: Length 170mm,
Height 40mm, Width 48mm
Product Weight: 158g

*1. This beauty care device employs radio frequency(RF) thermal technology for high frequency thermal skin care, together
with EMS to treat muscles. There are 2RF output heads, providing RF waves at one million vibrations per second, as well
as an EMS output head for alternating low frequency electric current. Thermal treatment and muscle stimulation may be
carried out simultaneously.
*2. DEEPLY WARMING RADIO FREQUENCY TECHNIQUE - Acting on corium layer as 1 MHZ frequency every second.
Skin cells produce heat after receiving RF, and then collagen would enhance elasticity, to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
*3. EMS ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION TECHNIQUE - Use electrical muscle stimulation to activate muscle and
firming muscles, to tighten facial skin and remove fine lines wrinkles
*4. VIBRATION MASSAGE - Vibration Massage 12000rpm therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology & has been a
sensation in skin care tools. Choose the best level that you need, vibration can help you keep skin healthy, accelerate
blood circulation, to achieve beauty skin.
*5. FIVE TREATMENT MODES - Warm up, Smoothing, Firming, Lift up, Exercise. Warm up is warming the skin
thoroughly. Smoothing is rearrange the already warmed skin for smoother skin. Firming through EMS, stimulate and make
skin firmer. Lift up provides rhythmic stimulation to already firm skin. Exercise to upkeep face and body contours, maintain
with exercise mode for 2-3 times a week.
Package Content
1 x Main Machine
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual
1 x Packing Box

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Myskinlike Radio Face Lift Device SWT-152A Gold

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