Title: Aimanfun Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager 002 Rose Red

Brand: Aimanfun
Product Model: 002 Product
Color: Rose Red

Material: Artificial Rubber
Product Size: 30*15*7cm
Product Weight: about 396g
*1. Aimanfun breast hand massger imitates hand shape to stimulate acupuncture points and muscle pulling
*2. Activate breast cells to improve breast from sagging, helping to shape the perfect breast shape
*3. To clear the blood and lymph circulation, speed up the lymphatic drainage cycle, prevention of breast hyperplasia
*4. Active muscle, eliminating shoulder stiff, long handle easy and convenient for one-handed operation
*5. Made of skin-friendly material, it is recommended with massage oil use, feel more comfortable
*6. Please read the instructions carefully before use
Package Content
1x Breast Hand Massager
1x User Manual

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Breast Massage Hands 002 RoseRed

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