Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Kitchenware 9 Sets Kitchen Utensil Spatula
Material: 430 stainless steel + silicone
Heat-resistant temperature: low temperature -40 ℃, high temperature + 230 ℃
Color: red
Potato pressure is 31cm wide and 7.5cm
Large shovel length 35cm wide and 12cm
Large cuf f length 34cm wide 10cm
Leaf shovel length 36cm wide 8cm
Chinese shovel length 35cm wide 10cm
Dense spoon length 35cm wide 7cm
Soup spoon length 32cm wide 9cm
Leap length 35cm wide 7cm
Powder spoon length 34cm wide 6cm
Uses: cooking, kitchen utensils. Apply: microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, steamer
Note: The product will be a little smell, is a normal phenomenon, please use before cleaning.
Features: The use of high-quality silicone, high temperature, safety and environmental protection, no deformation, the surface of frosted, non-stick oil, antibacterial effect is good, easy to clean. Handle with high-quality stainless steel, round design, comfortable not hurt hands, ergonomic, top and hanging ring, convenient storage.
Contains: potato pressure x1, large leak shovel x1, large colander x1, shovel shovel x1, Chinese shovel x1, spoon x1, spoon x1, colander x1, flour spoon x1 Packing size: 39cmx13cmx7cm
Packing: carton packaging

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Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Kitchenware 9 Sets Kitchen Utensil Spatula

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