Clear PVC Shower Curtain Waterproof Modern Bathroom Decoration Tools 180CM

Material: PEVA
Size: 180 * 180
Packing: 1 * Shower curtain
The shower curtain is a curtain-like item that hangs out of the bathtub with shower head, or shower.
The shower curtain is mainly used to prevent the splash of shower from splashing out of the shower; and for the person who plays the shower.
Generally used for the bathroom or as curtain or curtains use, green, low-carbon life, feel smooth and soft, easy to clean, waterproof, tough plastic hook is not easy to deformation.
Simple and stylish, highly decorative, add color for the bathroom, reflecting the high quality home.
1. Safety: the use of new PEVA green fabric, supple, feel better; no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in line with national testing standards, green health, environmental printing.
2. Fashion: fresh color, fashionable and beautiful, bathroom necessary.
3. Waterproof: high-quality fabric waterproof performance is superior, difficult to mold and deformation, product quality is much higher than the market general shower curtain;
4. feel: hanging is good, feel soft, environmentally friendly, not moldy, not hard
5. Practical: Yulian material wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, large increase in product availability.
6. Environment: should be away from the high temperature, keep the ventilation, so that the room dry; different home environment will be different.
Shower curtain clean: gentle hand wash, not dry cleaning, can not be ironing, not bleach. If the dirt can be wiped with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water or white vinegar, and then rinse with water can be as new; after bathing, please open the window ventilation, to avoid moisture, keep the bathroom dry

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Clear PVC Shower Curtain Waterproof Modern Bathroom Decoration Tools 180CM

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