Name: SKM Large Dial Plate Sport Waterproof Watch Colorful Electronic Wrist Watch 1142 Black
Brand: SKM
Product Model: 1181
Color: Black
Shell Material: PC
Watchband Material: Silica Gel
Dial Plate Material: High Transparent Resin
Bottom Cap Material: Stainless
Watch Clasp: PC
Movement Type: Original Japanese Electronic
Battery Type: Original Japanese
Battery 1 Year Lifespan
Water Resistant: 50m Depth
Product Size: Total Length 270mm, Perimeter
180-245mm Adjustable
Product Weight: 60g

*1. Multi function large dial plate sport watch, many color for your option
*2. Original Japanese electronic movement, high performance and shows accurate time
*3. Original Japanese battery, 1 year lifespan, you can change the battery by yourself
*4. High quality PC watch shell, very firm, durable, and wear resistant, environmental and non toxic
*5. High quality silica gel watchband, soft and comfortable to wear, selects PC material for watch clasp, very durable
*6. High elastic artificial rubber, stainless steel bottom cap, dustproof, wear resistant, no allergy and well luster
*7. Selects high transparent resin for surface, with great waterproof performance
*8. Press the light button on right side and you can check time in dark environment
*9. 50m depth waterproof, great waterproof performance
*10. With stopwatch, timer, alarm clock and calendar function, 12/24 hour system adjustable

*1. Please do not wear it when you take a bath
*2. Please do not approach to magnetic objects
*3. Please send to professional maintain if the watch is soaking in water
*4. Please remove the label and protection plate on the bottom before you wear the watch or it may cause rusting
*5. Please do not contact to any solvent or chemicals or it may cause color changing or rusting
*6. The watch work properly under normal temperature 5-35℃, the battery may damaged over 50℃ and the time may go
wrong under -10℃

Package Content
1* Watch
1* Manual

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Man's Waterproof Watach Black

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