Electronic Horn Mountain Bike Headlights Super Bright Bike Light Set with Horn
Product parameters:
Horn mode: short press short, long press long tone.
Charging method: USB charging cable.
Product features: Speaker + lights.
Flash mode: light / low light / SOS.
Lamp beads material: XPE.
Product Size: 10.2 * 5.2CM.
Product packaging size: 12 * 11.5 * 2.5CM, with packaging weight 0.125KG.
Light source: 5W, a XPG highlight light bulb, battery: rechargeable lithium batter y 1200MAH (intelligent protection circuit design),
Material: ABS.
Waterproof rating: IPX4.
Charging time: about 2-3 hours.
Three modes: 100% light available 3 hours -50% bright for 5 hours -SOS flicker available for 15 hours (long press 0.9S on or off, short press the cycle function).
1. Small, lightweight, easy to use
2. According to the European bike light optical standard design
3. Quick release design, no tools to help install
4.420LUX (headlight range test distance 80M) / 300LM
5.50 high-decibel speakers.
Features: bright energy-saving headlights + high-decibel speakers + USB charging.
Split horn switch, press the switchable sound, two modes: 1. Tap the button to release the short tone, 2. Long press the speaker is not loose and sustainable sound - long tone.
Stylish design - car lights + speakers, texture highlights the details!
fashion design! Strong penetration! The
1. 120 dB sound, so that riders more secure.
2. CREE imported light bulbs.
3. Two modes: 120 dB (special sound) and 100 dB (beep) sound.
4. Switch wire length of about 30CM.
5. Split button switch, can be installed with the handlebar any position, easy to touch, brake can also be operated.
6. Easy to install, suitable for all kinds of diameter handlebar.
7. Built-in 1200MAH polymer lithium batter y (can be charged more than 500 times).
8. Charging time: 2 and a half hours or so.
Packing standard: Product 1 + bracket 1 + electronic speaker 1 + data line 1.
Installation: the silicone strap with a button on the base of the car, gently press the installation is completed, press the marked 1, push forward, gently removed.

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Electronic Horn Mountain Bike Headlights Super Bright Bike Light Set with Horn

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