Outdoor Light LED Headlamp T6 Long Range Camping Light Telescopic Zoom White Lamp beads Model: CREE-T6 / 2LED,
Light source type: LED,
Working voltage: 3.7V,
Light source color temperature: 6000K.
Switch Type: Head Switch,
Power supply: direct charge power supply,
Scope: camping, climbing. Night riding, cave,
Packing size: 11.5 * 11 * 10.8M,
Weight: 0.41KG,
Waterproof grade: IPX4 Waterproof class Enclosure,
Irra diation distance: 500 meters,
Power: 60W,
Color: white,
Product selling point:
Lighting brightness mode: the main light 600 lumens, side lights 1200 lumens, three lights and SOS is 1800 lumens.
Continuous lighting time: 3 hours,
Lamps: 90 degrees free up and down regulation.
Telescopic zoom adjustment: headlights can adjust the zoom, focus, defocus free to switch, fear of distance.
Battery: l ithium b attery 2X18650, battery capacity: 3200 mA, the normal charge takes 4-6 hours.
Stalls and dimming: low light (1 light), medium light (2 lights), light (3 lights at the same time bright), burst flash (3 lights at the same time), head switch. ,
Life: 20H life time,
Material: the use of aviation aluminum production, the surface of black light oxidation,
Lens material: optical convex lens,
Work stalls: T6 lamp beads 3 files / 2LED a file,
Light cup: 6061 plating reflective.
Product standard: Product 1 + l ithium b attery 2 + direct charge adapter 1 + data cable 1 + car charge data line 1.

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Outdoor Light LED Headlamp T6 Long Range Camping Light Telescopic Zoom White

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