Name: Outdoor Hammock For One Person Canvas Hammock With Cloth Bag Rope Light Green Colorful Strip
Brand: Others Product Type: Hammock for One
Person Color: Light Green Colorful Strip
Product Material: Canvas Product Size: Total Length 230cm,
Cloth Length 190cm, Width 80cm Product Net Weight: 750g
Bearing Capacity: about 100kg Rope Size: 180cm*2 Take In Size: 26*15cm
*1. Outdoor Hammock: Best choice for outdoor activity like camping, taking a rest and so on
*2. Durable: Selects thicken canvas material, with precise sewing, very durable, anti tear
*3. Great Air Permeability: Suitable use for summer outdoor activity, no harm to human and comfortable
*4. Waterproof: Water won't wet hammock, just sweep water away
*5. Extra Thick Knot: Woven thicken fish tail knot, strong bearing capacity, wear resistant and durable
*6. Elastic Hammock: Total length 230cm, max length up to 280cm
*7. Two Extra Thick Rope: With two extra thick rope, more firm and stable
*8. With Storage Bag: Comes with storage bad, easy to take in and carry with you
*1. Please do not twine or tie knots when using, keep it balance, check the ropes frequently
*2. Please be careful when using it, safe range hammock and ground is 20-40cm, keep it away from sharp object
*3. Please put protective mattress under the hammock when children using it
*4. Please do not shake and jump on the hammock
*5. Please do not stand on the hammock when it is hang up
*6. Please do not hang it over 1m, and supporting point must be firm
*7. Please check it before use it
*8. Please keep it away from fire when using
Package Content
1x Hammock
2x Rope
1x Storage Bag

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Outdoor Hammock For One Person Canvas Hammock With Cloth Bag Rope Rose Red Colorful Strip

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