Name: Outdoor Emergency Supplies Paracord Bracelet with Compass, Whistle, Flintstone, Hand Strap Black
Brand: Others Product Type:
Outdoor Emergency Supplies Color: Black
Product Material: Paracord,
Lighter Plastic Buckle Product Craft: Manual Woven Product Size: Diameter about 10cm
Product Net Weight: 330g Packing Type: PP
*1. Multi Function Bracelet: Outdoor activity tool, multi function, with compass, whistle, flintstone and climbing rope,
suitable for outdoor activity use
*2. High Quality Material: Select manual woven paracord, great bearing capacity, anti corrosion, single tension about 140kg
*3. With Climbing Rope: It can unfasten and become a rope, single rope diameter about 4mm, length about 3.8-4m, it can
be used to drag car, climb mountain, first aid and so on, very useful
*4. With Flintstone: Waterproof flintstone, must have for camping
*5. With Whistle: High frequency whistle, used to call for help
*6. With Compass: Show directions for you, for reference only
Package Content
1x Paracord Bracelet

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Paracord Bracelet with Compass, Whistle, Flintstone, Climbing Rope Black

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