Name: Outdoor Hammock Set For One Person Canvas Hammock With Cloth Bag Rope Stand Red Colorful Strip
Brand: Others Product Type: Hammock for Two
People Color: Red Colorful Strip
Product Material: Canvas Product Size: Total Length 230cm,
Cloth Length 190cm, Width 800cm Product Net Weight: 750g
Rope Size: 180cm*2 Take In Size: 26*15cm Stand Color: Silver
Product Material: Steel Pipe Steel Pipe Size: Diameter 32mm
Thickness 1.6mm Stand Size:
Length 270cm, Width 80cm, Height 120cm
Capacity: About 100kg Product Net Weight: 9000g Packing Box Size: 126*40*10cm
*1. Outdoor Hammock Set For One Person: Best choice for outdoor activity like camping, taking a rest and so on
*2. Durable: Selects thicken canvas material, with precise sewing, very durable, anti tear
*3. Great Air Permeability: Suitable use for summer outdoor activity, no harm to human and comfortable
*4. Waterproof: Water won't wet hammock, just sweep water away
*5. Extra Thick Knot: Woven thicken fish tail knot, strong bearing capacity, wear resistant and durable
*6. Elastic Hammock: Total length 230cm, max length up to 280cm
*7. Two Extra Thick Rope: With two extra thick rope, more firm and stable
*8. With Storage Bag: Comes with storage bad, easy to take in and carry with you
*9. Hammock stand, suitable use indoor and outdoor
*10. Selects high quality steel material, 32mm diameter 1.6mm thickness steel pipe, capacity up to 100kg, firm and durable
*11. Easy to install, comes with instruction manual, very convenient
*1. Please do not twine or tie knots when using, keep it balance, check the ropes frequently
*2. Please be careful when using it, safe range hammock and ground is 20-40cm, keep it away from sharp object
*3. Please put protective mattress under the hammock when children using it
*4. Please do not shake and jump on the hammock
*5. Please do not stand on the hammock when it is hang up
*6. Please do not hang it over 1m, and supporting point must be firm
*7. Please check it before use it
*8. Please keep it away from fire when using
Package Content
1x Hammock
2x Rope
1x Storage Bag
12x Install Part (Please check it with instruction manual)
1x Instruction Manual
1x Packing Box

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Outdoor Hammock Set For One Person Canvas Hammock With Cloth Bag Rope Stand Red Colorful Strip

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