Name: Yi He PC Wired Crack Lacquer Playstation Vibration Motors Game Controllers EJ-10B Yellow
Model: EJ-10B
Interface Type: USB
Support OS: PC-USB Windows98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7/win8
Feature: Vibration Game Controllers
Colour: Yellow
Product Size: 11*15*6cm
Product Weight: 254g

1. Left and right with vibrations motor simulate the scene games
2. Comatible with USB1.1 and 2.0 interfaces, support hut plug
3. Static rated operating current maximum 35mA, vibration rated current maximum 150mA
4. Support direct-xr instructions
5. With digital and analog two operating modes
6. Built-in high quality dual motor, strong vibration
7. The handle has a TURBO, SLOW function, independent CLEAR Clear Switch
8. The handle includes 8 action keys, dual analog control rod
9. Handle bursts and speed features make the game more handy
10. Ergonomic design is perfect for left and right hands to handle
11. 2 rollers, 12 keys, round direction key design
12. Ideal for sports games
13. 4 directional arrow keys design, operational flexibility, feel comfortable and relax while using

14. Plug and play, no need install any driven software
Vibration function is also depends on the game, if the game does not support the vibration, there is no vibration, which does not belong to product performance issues.

Package List
1x Game Controller
1x User Manual

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PC Wired Crack Lacquer Playstation Vibration Motors Game Controllers Yellow

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