Material: ABS + Metal plate
Colour: Black
1, high efficiency switching power supply, pulse charging, high efficiency, small heat!
2, the negative pressure difference (-ΔV) + zero pressure (0ΔV) + maximum charge time termination (TMAX), high precision, accurate judgment, a small battery temperature
3, thermal protection (limit of 70 degrees, the use of Taiwan temperature control element, the reaction is more timely, accurate and effective), the maximum voltage protection, protection time (8h)
4. Lift the memory effect, to fully exploit the potential of the battery 6 battery positive and negative anti-loaded charging the battery charger does not damage the battery.
5. identifiable non-rechargeable batteries are not charging it, the battery compartment other recharge of the battery.
6. fast charging, charging pulse current charging, overheating protection, charging performance, reliable, high efficiency.
7.charger microcomputer control, stable performance, charge control is accurate, will not overcharge the battery is fully charged or not.

Packing List: 1 * Battery charger

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Millet Ant 4K 2 Generation Sports Camera Battery Charger USB Fast Charging

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