High Quality 1080P Micro USB MHL to HDMI HDTV Cable Adapter For Mobilephones New Arrival
Mirror your Mobile, through the standard HDMI output on a compatible TV. It support 1080p output!
With this MHL HDTV adapter you can playback video content through your mobile onto your High Definition TV. It also allows you to mirror what is shown on your mobile's screen so you can enjoy your favorite media content directly from your phone to your HDTV.
This adapter allows you to connect your mobile with any standard HDMI video cabled so you can share what is on your mobile's screen with other HDMI enabled visual equipment, like a monitor or TV. This is perfect for sharing photos with family or friends or giving a presentation to a client.
1.MHL must be powered by an external power supply (>5V 1A).
2.After connected with the MHL cable, the phone must be restarted. Remeber to restart the phone after you plug the MHL cable into your phone in the first time, otherwise there will be no HDMI output.
3.If you flash a ROM on your phone, it might not support MHL output anymore.
4. Do not connect the MHL Adapter to your device through the Desktop dock. The Video and Audio output will not work correctly.
5. Any incoming calls or messages will pause the media output. After taking the calls or acknowledging the messages, the media will resume playing.
6. If your TV has multiple HDMI ports, you may use any of the ports but need to make sure your TV settings have the correct HDMI port selected. Consult your TV owner's manual.
7. After connecting the MHL Adapter, the upper and lower sides of the TV/Monitor's screen may be cut off. In this case, you can adjust the TV/ Monitor in the Settings menu on your TV. Consult your TV owner's manual.
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1080P Micro USB MHL to HDMI HDTV Cable Adapter For Mobilephones New Arrival

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