Four Seasons General Pu Leather Bamboo Charcoal Breathable Comfortable Car Seat Color: black, gray, orange, beige
Material: PU leather and bamboo charcoal,
Weight: 0.37KG,
Packaging and product size: 51 * 50 * 1.5CM (manual measurement error),
Applicable season: all year round;
Applicable models: Universal;
Washing instructions: wet towel wipe test can;
Packing: OPP bag,

Product Features:
1, the middle of the high-level imports of non-woven, breathable leaking powder, do not have to worry about carbon black seepage.
2, the cushion by the arrangement of a number of small charcoal, you can play a very good breathable massage. The prevention and treatment of bed sores have a certain role in prevention and treatment.
3, pure handmade, to ensure the quality and fine workmanship.
4, sweat, blood, fatigue, built-in nearly 300 grams of pure charcoal 5A, three times the ability to absorb sweat, dry and breathable, comfortable and pleasant.
5, massage, health care, ergonomic design wave shape, promote blood circulation, sedentary is not tired.
6, natural environmental protection, clean air, eliminate odor, soothe the nerves Shu pressure, adsorption of air odor, so that the air back to nature. Release far-infrared, blood, speed up metabolism, soothe the nerves Shu pressure.
7, to prevent r adiation, away from the hidden killer, reducing electromagnetic r adiation damage caused by the human body
Package Contents: 1 cushion, 2 chucks, 2 hooks;

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Four Seasons General Pu Leather Bamboo Charcoal Breathable Comfortable Car Seat

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