Title: Car Electronics Mini Home and Vehicle Use Refrigerator Cooler/Warmer Personal Fridge/Warmer 4L Capacity Blue

Brand: MK Capacity: 4L
Color: Blue
Function: Cooler/Warmer Applicable Car Models: All Car Apply Voltage: 12V

Power: 50W Home Apply Transformer Voltage:
Material: Premium ABS

Product Size: 18*24.5*26cm
Product Weight: 1800g
*1. Mini Vehicle Fridge/Warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks cool or warm while on the road. Save time and
money by avoiding stops for food and drinks while on the way to your destination.
*2. Car refrigerators use semiconductors instead of compressors and refrigerants, no pollution, low noise, low energy
consumption, and has long use service life span
*3. With Cooler and Warmer function, back panel to switch, green light of cooling and red light of warming, free to switch
*4. 4L capacity, the internal design of full use of space, it can accommodate 6 bottles of 330ML canned drinks, door rack
can be placed chocolate, milk, mask and other small items
*5. Refrigerator only with 28 dB noise, does not affect the normal car environment, do not disturb driving and rest
*6. Top with handle for easy and convenient transferring it one place to another
Package Content
1x Vehicle Refrigerator

1x Vehicle Use Cord

1x Home Use Cord
1x User Manual

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Automotive small refrigerator preservation insulation portable car

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