Name: Motorcycle Modifying Accessory Rearview Mirror Electrombile Ghost Paw Rearview mirror 2 for 1 set

Brand: BISHENG Model: 033
Color: Golden
Suitable: Motorcycle Mirror Surface Type: Sphere Shell
Material: Plastic
Material: Glass Specification: 2 Mirrors for 1 Set
Product Size: 15*12*3cm

Product Weight: 485g
*1. Motorcycle modifying accessory, ghostpaw rearview mirror, 2 for 1 set, suitable for motorcycle, bike, electrombile, etc
*2. The mirror shell selects high quality material, decorative stereo ghost paw, make you individual
*3. The mirror surface selects high quality glass, great reflectivity
*4. 2 rearview mirror for 1 set
Package Content
2X Rearview Mirror

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Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Ghost Paw

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