Name: Motorcycle Modifying Accessory U5 LED Headlight for Sportscar Electrombile Spotlight Foglight

Brand: BISHENG Model: U5
Color: Blue

Material: Aluminium Alloy Light Source Wattage: 125W Voltage: 12-72V
Current: 2000A Actual Wattage: 125W Working Temperature: -40℃ -- 40℃
Lighting Type: Hard Light, Low Light, flash
Product Size: 13.5*9*8cm Producr Weight: 600g
*1. Motorcycle modifying accessory, headlights for motorcycle and electrombile
*2. Selects high quality import LED bulbs, 3c certificated
*3. Extremely high brightness, maximum up to 3000LM
*4. Good energy saving, 15W light bulb's brightness is as good as other 90W light bulb
*5. Extra long lighting range, sunlight color temperature 6000K, 500m lighting range
*6. Long service life, adopt import chip, 20000 hours service life
*7. Good radiating, big size radiating structure, durability and stability guaranteed
*8. The headlight contain 3 mode, switch once for hard light, twice for low light and three time for flash
*9. Great waterproofness, it can be submerge in water, very durable
*10. Perfect spotlight effect, make sure you can see the road
*11. Please don't irradiate to people's eyes to avoid accident
Package Content
1X Motorcycle Headlight

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U5 LED Headlight for Motorcycle

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