Title: Car Windshield Wiper Blades 21-inch and 16-inch General U Type Set of 2
Interface: General U Type
Spec & Size: Pack of 2 Units, 21-inch and 16-inch
Material: Carbon Steel, Natural
Rubber, ABS Plastic
Applied Site: Windshield of Driver's
Seat and Front Passenger Seat
Applied Car Model & Manufactured Year:
please refer to the table below
Product Weight: appr.580g

*1. SPEC - 1 set of 2 unit wipers, 1 for Windshield of Driver's Seat and 1 for Windshield Front Passenger Seat
*2. MUTE PERFORMANCE - This wiper processed all-weather RUBBER WIPER BLADES has a very good scraper durability and mute performance
*3. PREMIUM MATERIAL - The internal of windshield wipers uses special processed CARBON STEEL SHEET structure
with the feature of high-quality, the external of car wipers uses high-quality ABS shell.
*4. FIT CLOSE - The window wipers adopt latest composite material technology, therefore, wipers and glass will fit more
closely, the glass will be more evenly forced, the scraping effect is great in spite of how bad the weather is.
*5. NOTE - Wipers Size of 21-inch and 16-inch, Interface of General U Type, and please refer to the table below to check
the Applying Car Model and Manufactured Year.

Applying Model Chart
Brand Car Model & Manufactured Year Connector Windshield Driver Seat Front Passenger Seat
Chevrolet spark(2003-2005) U Type 21-inch 16-inch
spark U Type 21-inch 16-inch
Mazda pinnacle U Type 21-inch 16-inch
Hippocampus prince U Type 21-inch 16-inch
Cupid hatchback U Type 21-inch 16-inch

Package Content
2x Wiper Blade

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Car Windshield Wiper Blades General U Type 21/16 inch Set of 2

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