1/4 "Hanging Adapter Screw Connecting For Camera SLR / DSLR Shoulder Sling Strap EC

Color: silver black;
Material: Alloy + rubber;
Size: 2.1 * 2.1 * 2cm;
Functions and features:
1. Snapsh-ot hand, rapid strap special hooks, special screws, safety strap connecting ring, 1/4 screw
2. Designed for quick release plate mounted camera design;
3. When using the shoulder strap, equipped with the connecting ring without disassembly quick release plate can be connected directly through the loop of the strap is directly connected with the equipment.

Packaging detail: A Set of 1/4 screw camera strap screws;

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1/4"Hanging Adapter Screw Connecting For Camera SLR/DSLR Shoulder Sling Strap EC

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