Seagull SYK-3 SYK3 Optical Flash Remote Trigger For Canon Nikon Metz Sigma
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Size: 3.5 * 3 * 3.5cm
product description:
syk-3-type flash remote control use of photoelectric principle, do not have to use the cable so that the main flash so that the remote control auxiliary flash sync flash, its small size, good looks, high sensitivity, stable performance, and can artificially create a variety of effects, special photo shoot.
Technical performance:
1, remote control distance: L- main flash unit index / 2 (wherein shall flash remote control signal light receiving surface and a flash unit shiny surface aligned with each other and set up on the same level)
2. The structure, standard top flash dryer outlet, a bottom with a fixed nut
1. sensitivity, can receive multi-angle flash, that can be used in various brands of 360-degree flash trigger sync, can synchronize with any brand of flash.
2. When a flash mounted on the synchronous base, as long as there are flash lights around the base above the flash will automatically trigger. Can be used for indoor multi-directional distribution of light, no hot shoe and can also be used to synchronize line of digital camera external flash solution, but can also do off-camera flash outdoors. Obtain ideal levels and three-dimensional
3. Can be used to trigger a multi-lamp lighting put into this on a flash sync base, as long as the surrounding Flash fired, the base can be above the flash drive.
Product detailed list: SKY-3 flash * 1

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Seagull SYK-3 SYK3 Optical Flash Remote Trigger For Canon Nikon Metz Sigma

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