Title: Beef Tendon Type Latex Gloves HY6
Model: HY6
Product Color: Yellow
Product Material: Latex
Size: Average Size
Product Length: 300mm
Specification: 1 Pair per Pack
Product Size: 31*10*1cm
Product Weight: 60g

1. Adopt 100% pure original color latex, extra thick, more durable
2. The gloves are comfortable to wear, no plasticizer, oxidizing agent, grease of silicone fluid and oxide
3. Unique anti slip pattern design makes great slip resistance
4. Superior chemical defence, acid and alkali resistant, anti organic solvent corrosion
5. Low chemical residues on the surface, low ion and particle content, suitable for dust free environment
6. The gloves are waterproof, it can be used at home and for other use
7. Adopt crimping design, easy to wear and durable
Storage Condition
Please keep the gloves in dry warehouse, temperature under 30℃, relative humidity under 80%, 200mm above the ground
1. The gloves are average size
2. Please do not wear rings or other accessories and get your finger nail trimmed when wearing the gloves
3. Please check the gloves before use to avoid injure
4. Please do not contact with metal and chemical like oil, acid, alkali, copper, manganese, etc
5. Please do not exposed to the sunshine or ultraviolet ray directly
6. Do not use the gloves if you are allergic to natural rubber
Package Content
1 Pair of Latex Gloves

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Beef Tendon Type Latex Gloves

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