10 (3*3) W LED Waterproof Constant Current Drive Power

1. Stable and reliable quality, stable performance
2. has perfect over-current, over voltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit, open circuit protection (automatic recovery).
3. Low noise, design according to the LED characteristics to ensure the LED lamps and lanterns are more stable
4. Long life, high reliability, fully functional test.
5. Aluminum alloy shell, waterproof, good for outdoor use.
6. Long life and adopt high temperature-resistance capacitance, excellent performance, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Model: KC0303A
LED drive: 3*3W
Input voltage: AC 110-260V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 7-13V 900mA (5% more or less)
TC: 75°
TA: 50°
IP: 65
Material: Aluminum
Color: silvery
Size: 5.3*2.8*1.9cm/2.08*1.1*0.75inch
Net weight: 2.58oz/73g
Function: over voltage, over load and short circuit protection

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10 3*3 W LED Waterproof Constant Current Drive Power

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