Title: YCX Natural Handmade Rose Soap Bar Soap Girl
Product Type: Handmade Soap
Product Appearance: Girl
Specification: 50/Pcs

1. 100% natural handmade rose soap, ingredients of food-grade quality olive oil, coconut leaf oil, palm oil, natural flowers,
and wheat meal and citrus type enzyme which have detoxification and promoting blood effect, cool process soap of 1 month to shape
2. No adding any chemical component, suitable for the whole body, long-term use can nourish the skin
3. Products with whitening, moisturizing, anti-oil, anti-wrinkle, brighten complexion and other effects
4. Natural handmade soap, no stimulation to the skin, not allergies

Package Content
1x Rose Soap

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Natural Handmade Rose Soap Bar Soap Girl

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