Title: JOLIVETE Sonic Facial Brush Rechargeable with Replacement Brush Head FB-38NS American Standard Plug White

Product Model: FB-38NS
Color: White

Material: Eco-friendly ABS Mode: Sonic Vibration Power Supply: Charger Cradle American Plug
Speed: 2Gear 20000/min, 13000/min For Group: Above 12 Years Old
Applying: for Face
Ingress Protection:IPX7 Waterproof
Product Size: 18*5*2.5cm
Product Net Weight: 350g
*1. Cleanse, Revitalize and Improve Your Skin The Jolivete sonic facial brush buffs, scrubs and cleanses your skin to be
fresh, clear, cleansed and revitalized. The 20,000 oscillations per minute of vibrating motion clears away dead and dry
skin cells penetrating and cleaning clogged pores.
*2. This revitalization helps to make skin cleaner, softer, smoother and healthier. This allows it to absorb creams or
moisturizers much more effectively.
*3. Two Sonic Brush Speeds, The intense, high speed brush oscillations per minute allow pores to open and be cleansed
much better than hand washing. The lower speed is for very soft skin, and the higher is for pure cleansing.
*4. Built-in smart timer function, the instrument set a scientific face washing time of 1 minute, it will automatically power
off after 1 minute. You can restart it if you need reuse
*5. Optimal Battery Life The brush comes with a cradle charger that powers its batteries for up to three weeks of usage
before it needs to recharge. Charger is compatible with 100-240 V and 50/60 Hz. Please note this one is American Plug.
*6. Lightweight and sleek, it is compact and portable. With extra one brush head forreplacement
Package Content
1x Jolivete Sonic Facial Brush
1x Replacement Brush Head
1x Charger Cradle

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Acoustic Facial Cleaner FB-38NS White American Standard

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