Title: Home Personal Use 540 Micro Needles Microneedle Derma Roller Needle Skin Care (0.5mm)
Product Model: MNR01
Color: Transparent Handle Cyan Roller
Handle Material: Environmental Protection Plastic
Microneedles Material: Medical Stainless Steel SUS304
Microneedles Specification: 0.5mm*540 Needles
Product Size: 16.5*4.2*5cm
Product Weight: 85g

1. Roller micro needles is a popular cosmetic procedure nowadays, on the principle of micro-needle roller containing many
tiny needles, which may irritate the skin, can be activated in a short time more than 200,000 tenuous, with a variety of
effective products, to facilitate the active ingredients penetrate into skin, so as to achieve the desired cosmetic effect
2. Compared to the traditional beauty methods and introducing other equipment, this micro needles have obvious
advantages, which can effectively enhance the penetration of skincare nutrients, and to penetrate the skin surface and
dermis cells, adequate nutrient delivery, and low side effects, safe and reliable
3. Micro needles specifications, depending on the use of the site and demand, long needle mainly including 0.25mm,
0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm and so on several specifications, the most common household are the 0.25mm and 0.5mm
4. Cosmetic beauty products matched with microneedles are of higher requirements, currently limited to lyophilized powder
and original liquid, do not recommend the use of other cosmetic products with micro-needle, so as to avoid infection
5. Given the role of the principle of the microneedle beauty instrument, please practices as gently as possible, do not start
too heavy in pursuit of results that may cause skin redness
6. After applied the microneedles, please use an ice mask, on the one hand to prevent skin allergies, and on the other
hand to facilitate skin repair and maintenance
7. The second day after applied the microneedles, if the skin is not of redness, normally makeup, but please pay attention
to hydrating and sun care; if the skin is of redness, please do not makeup
8. After using microneedle, perfume applying is not recommended for many perfumes containing alcohol, which may
irritate the skin
9. Use according to treatment, each treatment consists 10 times, but do not use continuous, the beginning 5 times, do
once 3-5 days, 6-10days, and 5-7 days, during the treatment please do continue apply lyophilized powder even didn't do
10. Please timely disinfect the microneeddles: soaking in 75% concentration medical alcohol, then wash with warm water;
and keep the microneedles as private to avoid infection
11. Do not use under below situation: severe facial wounds, severe redness exposure, severe acne, and the skin easy to
left scars etc.
1. Before using, please clean the microneedles by soaking it into 75% concentration medical alcohol for 15 minutes, then
rinse with warm water
2. Use weakly acidic cleansing facial cleanser, then freeze-dried powder-mixed solution is uniformly applied to the skin
3. Micro-needle roller operation in one direction, and rolling each part for about 20 times, be gentle and tenderly
4. In case of skin itchy during use, please stop and see if there is irritation, may be skin needs an adaptation period
5. After applied the microneedle, please apply ice mask in repairing the skin and to avoid exposure under strong sunshine
Micro Needles Size and Function
0.25mm   0.5mm   1.0mm   2.0mm
For Sensitive Skin as
Eye Skin Care   Acne, Wrinkles,
Whitening, Pores   Scars, Acne Pits
Stretch Marks, Spots   Deep Acne Pits
Deep scars

Package Content
1x Micro Needles Roller
1x User Manual

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Home Personal Use 540 Micro Needles Microneedle Derma Roller Needle Skin Care (0.5mm)

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