10 in 1 Multi-function Outdoor Survival Magnesium Flint Tooth Scraper Stone Fire Starter Lighter Kit for Survival Camping Hiking

Colour: Black;
Material: magnesium alloy;
Dimensions: Length 12.2cm, height 2.5cm;
Accessories: compass, playing poker, whistle, rope, LED lights, help map, ruler, playing poker, whistle, rope, mirror,
Good for: outdoor camping use, the use of magnesium alloy fire material (special treatment, good stability), sheet metal side friction force can instantly send high temperature and high brightness spark fire 5000-12000 times, high reliability and adapt to almost any climate and under the environmental conditions for camping, barbecue, heating added convenience.
Features: LED lights use two CR1632 button batteries, replace the battery to push it inside, the mirror has a heavy film, tear can.

Packing Details: 1pcs Multi-function flint

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10 in 1 Multi-function Outdoor Survival Magnesium Flint for Survival Camping

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