Name: TZL 10-in-1 Multi-function Flint Flintstone Fire Starter
Product Type: Outdoor Sport Accessories
Color: Black
Material: ABS, Metal Magnesium
Product Size: 6.6*3.8*0.8cm
Product Weight: 52g

1. Products include compass, scale, ruler, flintstone, help diagram, LED lights, whistle, lanyard, storage space and mirror
2. Use a metal blade slowly scraping flintstone or magnesium block, produce some debris in a small pile of hay, leaves or confetti, and then scraping blade quickly produce spark ignited magnesium. When the flame, add the stick thin, the flame can be formed.
3. It is also suitable for harsh environment. If it wet, dry it and then it still work.
4. The raw material for fire should be keep dry
1. Find some of ignition (such as hay, dry leaves, birch bark, pine needles, pine resin, twigs, paper, cotton, etc.)
2. Scrape some magnesium from magnesium slag on the ignition rod
3. Fast hard scratch magnesium rod, the spilled flake will ignite the raw material (if the original knife is not good operation, use some other sharp knife even stones to scrape)

Package List
1x Flintstone

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10-in-1 Multi-function Flint Flintstone Fire Starter

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