Name: Swimming Accessories Plain Glass Swimming Goggles Large Frame Anti Fog Goggles CF7204
Product Type: Plain Glass Goggles
Product Model: CF7204
Frame Material: PC
Lens Material: PC
Seal Ring Material: Silica Gel
Strap Material: Silica Gel
Product Size: Width 173mm, Height 45mm
Single Lens Size: Width 55mm, Height 37mm
Product Net Weight: 270g

1. Swimming goggles suitable for both man and woman, streamline design, reduce water drag
2. Selects PC material for frame, environmental protection, soft and flexible, wide line of sight
3. Selects PC material lens, anti shock and heat, high transparency, index of refraction, great insulativity and ultraviolet
proof, make sure you can see clear in water
4. Seal ring and strap selects environmental protection silica gel, soft and comfortable to wear
5. Self adjust goggles strap, convenient to wear
6. Ergonomic design seal ring, no oppressing sensation to your eyes, without having to worry about ooze water
7. Great fog resistance, selects anti fog technique, long time fog resistance, insoluble in water or chemical agent
8. Unibody nose buckle design, more comfortable to wear

Package Content
1x Swimming Goggles

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Plain Glass Swimming Goggles Large Frame Anti Fog Goggles

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