Diatomite Absorbent Board Air Clean Good Absorption Antibacterial Anti Slip
Main material: Diatomite
Secondary material: paper fiber, cement, lime
Product size: 45cm x 35cm x 0.9cm(pink),60cm x 39cm x 0.9cm(grey white)
Product Features:
1.absorption is fast and strong,avoid seeper,mildew,breeding bacteria,dust cleaning and other traditional problems
2.It can dehumidify,remove bad smell,clean the air.
3.It can also absorb and resolve substance,which do no good to people
4.Environmentally Friendly,low carbon, green.
5.100% new and high quality.
Product size: 47cm x 36cm x 2.5cm(pink),62cm x 41cm x 3cm(grey white)
Packing: box
Package:1 x bubble bag + 1 x product description +1 x matte pap

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Diatomite Absorbent Board Good Absorption Antibacterial Anti Slip For Bedroom

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