[Material] 8mm thick high strength round tempered glass table, crystal clear [Load-bearing range 2.5-150kg, the use of high-precision sensor chip technology, values ??can be accurate to 0.1Kg [Battery] a 3V button battery (this product comes with one). [Note 1, the initial use in the scale end of the "OFF" switch toggle KG (kilograms) or LB (pounds) position 2, first open the opportunity to display a weighed amount (2 kilos), to be automatically shut down after weighing 3, will be known on the flat on the ground, said the body of the four corners location injustice will affect the weighing accuracy 4, the stability of people standing in the middle of the scale surface, began to weigh, weighing value is stable, the display is flashing, lock weighing money, no weighing changes, automatic shutdown after 10 seconds 5, to keep dry, do not touch the water 6, when not in use do not scale surface heap pressure items, in order to avoid the battery consumption of large quantities does not work.
Condition: Brand new

Size:32.5cm X 32.5cm X 4.5cm

Weight: 2.23 Kg

Colour:as pictures

SKU: 901959-A23-24-04

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8MM tempered glass square electronic scale foam pad

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