Wireless AV AudiVideTV Box Transmitter/Receiver for iPad 2 iPhone iPod iTouch

With this AV box, you can watch your iPad/iPhone videon TV. It alssupports Youtube on TV. The videsignal is transmitted by wireless which let you sit down on sofa comfortablely and select the video. When you click play on iPhone, the videwill automatically show on TV. There is a space inside the receiver which can store the transmitter inside. The device can keep in neat when you dnot use it.

Support iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPod videtthe AV signal, wireless output tTV.
Support iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPod photphantom tthe AV signal, wireless output tTV.
Wireless transmission distance > 10m
Wireless transmission in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.
Wireless support dual channels selection.
The iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPod directly supplies transmitter power.
Transmitter power dissipation < 150mW
The iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPod's AC-DC adapter supply receiver power
The receiver power dissipation < 500mW
AV (CVBS) signal containing the image, audio-L and audio-R signals.
Support iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPod online videoutput tTV.(Must be jailbreak)
Transmit frequency: 2.4GHz
AV(CVBS), L+R audioutput
Transmitter power dissipation:

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iPad 2 iPhone iPod iTouch Wireless AV Audio Video TV Box Transmitter/Receiver

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