MINI HDMI2HDMI AUDIO+ Audio converter with 1080p

The MINI HDMI2HDMI AUDIO+ Audio converter increase the analog stereo audio output on the basis of the HDMI signal transmission. The analog stereo audio signal can be easily connected to the earphone or audio power amplifier.

1. No need to install driver, portable, flexible, plug and play.
2. Low power, no power adapter.
3. HDMI is compliant with HDMI 1.3.
4. High bandwidth capability support up to 1920X1080@ 60Hz

1. Input ports: 1XHDMI
2. Output ports: 1XHDMI, 1X3.5mm phone Jack
3. Dimensions(mm):60(D) X55(W) X20(H)
4. weight:40g
5. color: white

Package list:
1. Main unit (MINI HDMI2HDMI AUDIO+ Audio converter)
2. User manual
3. 1 USB cable

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MINI HDMI2HDMI AUDIO+ Audio converter with 1080p

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