Popular brands dustproof waterproof protective shell for the Apple ipad mini

This product is suitable for iPad mini, with good efficacy and waterproof protective effect, directly after installation operation, the operation interface is flexible silicone, good touch feeling, durable, can let you in the rain and snow, or other similar environments unrestricted use of iPad mini.
This product is suitable for IP67 degree of protection;
Can be isolated dirt, dust, dust storms, and can withstand dust, dirt and construction of impurities;
IPad mini can completely isolate the snow and ice, water, rest assured to use in the bathroom or the bathtub.

Attention (Note)
1 Follow the instructions to properly install and use this protective case;
2 wrong operation will damage the iPad mini, this is not a non-waterproof box damaged, we can not guarantee in any case will protect your iPad mini;
3 In each case dropped or damaged check box four weeks after they have been sealed to ensure the protection;
4 Before using this protective case the need for water testing;
5 Do not place the product in hot or the product into the fire;
6 Do not use chemical solvents to clean this product, For cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth.

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the Apple ipad mini Popular brands dustproof waterproof protective shell

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