Car Bluetooth Music Receiver with Stereo Output
Wireless Distance10m (Link-CZBT03)

1) The Link-CZBT03 is a Bluetooth wireless music receiver that connects to any stereo audio input. Now you can listen to music from your phone, laptop or for iPod without the hassle of cables. The Link-CZBT03 can connect to home A/V systems, home stereo EOS, headphone, automobile or for motorcycle speakers, Boats, RVs and more
2) Touch and hold one button to power on the Link-CZBT03 and it will automatically search for a compatible transmitter; No any codes to enter if connect with for apple or Android device, to complete paring some devices require a pass key or code, use 0000. LED lights beneath the button indicate devfor ice connection and charging status The included stereo cables and adapter connect the Link-CZBT03 to any receiving devfor ice with a headphone jack. The fully charged Link-CZBT03 provides up to 8 hours of music reception or use continuous with USB power

1) Bluetooth V3.0
2) Class 2, range: 10m
3) Supports A2DP stereo profile
4) 3.5mm stereo inlet socket
5) Wireless music receiver connects to 3.5mm headphone jacks
6) Use with hone ster for EOS, speakers, car ster for EOS, headphones etc
7) One touch connect button for easy dev for ice pairing
8) Size: 49mm x 25mm x 10mm

Package contents:
1) 1 x Car Bluetooth Music Receiver
2) 1 x USB Cable
3) 1 x 3.5 jack to 3.5 jack Audio Cable
4) 1 x User Manual
5) 1 x 3.5 jack to 3.5 jack Audio adapter

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Car Bluetooth Music Receiver with Stereo Output Wireless Distance10m Link-CZBT03

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