Effective pictures only,item do not include the Multicopter Frame and Electronic parts.Item just One set of Landing Skid.

Video as reference:v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzUzMzUzMzA0.html


The retractable landing gear is designed for the multicopter Frame in order to provide a better perspective inaerial-filming / photography work. By using a 2-position switch channel of the R/C transmitter, you can control the landing gear to retract remotely. The retractable landing gear will not block the view of the camera lens, making smooth shooting in all directions possible.

Weight: 224g Maximum load: 4KG Power support: DC 3S-6S 12V-22V Suitable for Quadcopter\\Hexacopter\\Octocopter, Tarot 650/ 680PRO/ HMF S550 / HML650 , Wheelbase less than 700mm

If the switch channel on the TX has fail-safe function, set the fail-safe value to [Lower] position, so that the landing gear will be in [Lower] status when the receiver enters fail-safe, to land the aircraft safely.To avoid false switch triggering, you can use the

slide lever or other trim as the landing gear\'s control switch.

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Tarot 650/ 680PRO/ HMF HML 650 Carbon Fiber Quick Install Retractable Folding Landing Gear Skid

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