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Size: 6.2 * 3.0 * 0.8cm

Product Features:
1, Read, edit, backup phone book and SMS messages.
2, easy sorting, batch modify phone book, SMS message printing and so so, a variety of functions.
3, easy sorting, editing, backup, ringtones and pictures.
4, support the people who need the information to use QQ, ICQ, MSM to save the online information in time.
5, modern mobile phones and computer equipment information data exchange.

Installation instructions:
Run the SETUP.EXE in the USB SIM folder to perform file, then insert the SIM card into the reader, insert the reader into the computer's USB port, After the system searching out the hardware, it will install the drivers automatically. And then after installing, open the SIM Editor program, click to connect.

Friendly reminder:
When inserted the phone card, please make sure the chip is toward the following, the notch at the outward. please don't insert in the wrong way, otherwise the card might burn! !

Suitable for:
This product is suitable for GSM and CDMA mobile phone cards and some 3G network card / phone card,
Applicable to the preparation of the SIM phonebook and SMS.

1. Phonebook batch input;
2. SMS batch input;
3. Phonebook import and export;
4. SMS import and export;
5. Kaka data transconductance;
6. Phonebook one-touch speed printing;
7. The daily management of personal data;
8. safe and convenient mobile storage.
9. achieve different SIM card phone numbers, SMS and so on all the information independently backed up to your computer.
10. Support USB2.0 fast read and write.

The backup device just can backup the phonebook and SMS data which exists in the phone cards. It can not backup the phonebook and SMS data which exists in the phone. Please dump the data in the phone storage to the phone card first, then backup.

Important warning:
When the backup device is in the state of input or output data, please don't remove the SIM card, otherwise it will damage or loss of data, or it will be garbled. When using the backup device to replicate data to the phone card, the copied old data will be completely deleted in the original mobile phone card. Phone card will only storage the new data copied from a backup device.

Package Include:
1pc Mobile phone SIM card reader

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SIM Card Reader Copy Cloner Writer SMS Backup SIM Cards USB Cellphone

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