RETEVIS Throat MIC Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece PTT for Kenwood Radio RETEVIS QUANSHENG WOUXUN TYT BAOFENG UV5R


Product Name

Throat MIC
Material wire
Cable length 115cm
Interface K head for walkie-talkie headset hole is able to use a small great
Packing opp bag

Package Content

1*Throat MIC

Description Use of vocal transmission and efficient elimination of background noise,
Make walkie-talkie conversation becomes clearer
PTT control key ring style
Transparent vacuum duct ear,protection, anti-fatigue
Support for an intercom voice features

Product Description:
Transparent air duct use airborne sound very original sound and clear.
PTT fingers wrapped around the finger launch so you can simultaneously drive and flexible to use.
Outgoing voice laryngeal vibration, noise, including wind around will not be heard, it can be used in very noisy harsh environments.
Applicable models (some common models):
North Peak BF-5118 headphones, BF-5118A headphone, BF-5180 headset, BF6200 headset, BF6800 headphones, etc.
Kenwood TK-3107 headphones, TK-3207 headphones, TK-2107 headphones, TK-2207 headphones, TK-308 headset, TK-208 headset, TK-3118 headphones, TK-2118 headphones, etc.
Quan Sheng TG-K4AT headset, TG-45AT headset, TG-46AT headset, TG-42AT headset, TG-3118 headphones, TG-6118 headphones, etc.
General Star PX-777 headphones, VEV-3288S headset, LT-6600 headphones, LT-6288 headphones, LT-6100PLUS headphones, etc.

Advantages Description:
1, Throat conduction can avoid high speed of air noise
2, PTT fingers wrapped fingers, fingertips can transmit signals
3, transparent air ducts easy concealment, air ducts can reduce noise transmission signal.

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RETEVIS Throat MIC Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece PTT for Kenwood Radio RETEVIS

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