2015 Hytera HYT walkie-talkie headset earhook 130cm black


Product Name

HYT interphone headset
Material wire
Cable length 130cm
Interface K head for walkie-talkie headset hole is able to use a small great
Packing opp bag

Package Content

1*HYT interphone headset

Description Feature of product
1) PTT-ON-MIC wire structure;
2) PTT with clip, can be fixed in the vicinity of the collar MIC, call a more flexible and reliable;
3) has a volume control, with a host VOX function can be achieved;
4) economic and practical, widely used;
For groups: Applicable to all industries of retail, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, residential security, public security and other staff use the machine communications.
Adaptable models: Kenwood, Quan Sheng, well-informed, Min-Min Xing Tong, North Peak, Cape Star, Baofeng and other import / domestic walkie-talkie

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2015 Hytera HYT walkie-talkie headset earhook 130cm black

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