2015 New Stylish Practical Tactics PVC Hose Plus Control
Vacuum Tube Headphone

Dimensions: Cable length 120cm, length 110cm key line
Material: PVC plus vacuum
Color: black, white


1. Standard 3.5MM plug hole
2. Unilateral headphones, perfect sound quality, can be comparable with phone headset
3. Military jets shock sensor technology, fashion, trendy, headsets, without using hands
4. With wheat, with buttons to answer the call


1, to prevent mobile phone , the vibration sound waves are transmitted through the hollow catheter can filter distortion and other noise generated by the speaker. In addition, turn the sound conduction by the catheter, the human ear will not have to close contact with the speaker, but also to avoid the speaker
Magnetic the speaker coil magnetic body work long hours in the heat generated by the resulting discomfort.

2, Throat headset air ducts used for walkie-talkies and other radio communications equipment, which is characterized by a clear, spiral catheters from the ear of the ear and the sound is introduced by a single set of deep ear canal; benefits are good noise performance, less susceptible to outside interference, and in very quiet environment is not moving coil ear sound leakage defects, confidentiality is strong. Since the air duct is selected transparent material, easy to use hidden, and therefore also to some of the special nature of the population (eg, entertainment and other staff and defense staff) and people need long-term use of the option.

Application: mobile phones, computers, radios, all interface 3.5mm of electronic communications equipment

Use: This product is controlled headphone throat, throat by talking to transmit sound vibrations, it is crucial to wear the collar, wearing the wrong way will affect the results, the interior is a memory metal collar can manually adjust the tightness.

Packaging: Headphones * 1 "

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2015 New Stylish Practical Tactics PVC Hose Plus Control Vacuum Tube Headphone

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