New Computer PC LCD 20/24 Pin PSU ATX SATA HD Power Supply Tester

Shell Material: Plastic
Size: 12 * 6 * 1.8cm
Model: ATX
LCD power supply test parameters:
1: Support 20Pin, 24Pin ATX interface
2: Support SATA interface
3: Support 4Pin, 8Pin interface
4: Support PCI-E graphics interface 6Pin
5: Support floppy drive interface
6: Support ATE hard disk interface
7: Test voltage + 3.3V, -12V, + 5VSB, + 12V1, + 12V2, + 5V and time values PG

-LCD display output voltage and PG and other parameters, When the parameters beyond the normal Index, the buzzer will issue a warning sound, and the corresponding value flashes.
-LCD power supply tester is a powerful test equipment, this test need only connect the power supply -ATX connector can be simple and intuitive to know the power and the brightest of the output is normal.
-Can detect ATX, BTX, ITX, TFX computer power, and the ability of the performance of each group LCD voltage and PG value, rapid detection of the computer's power.

Note: Do not hot-swappable when used!
Package: 1 x Power supply tes

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New Computer PC LCD 20/24 Pin PSU ATX SATA HD Power Supply Tester

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