Hot Sale 17-Piece / Set Stainless Steel Cookware Set Silver and Black Kitchen Tool

Color: Silver & Black;
Material: 410 stainless steel and bakelite and nylon;
Packing size 53 * 50.5 * 17cm;
Packing List: 16cm X 8.5cm single handle milk pan (steel cover), 16cm X 8.5cm strip binaural pot cover, 20cm X 11cm strip binaural pot cover, 24cm X 13.9cm binaural steel pot lid, 24cm X 7.2cm skillet steel lid, 20cm X 9.4cm ears steamer, two 20cm 20cm +2 mixing bo-wl mixing bo-wl PVC cover, grater + grater outer ring fence + the bombing, two pot pad, colander, drain spade, Dining leak spoon, whisk, scales planing, the suction;
Functions and features: both ears pot soup pot, milk pot and a frying pan with a handle are, respectively length: 15cm and 19cm; a. Pot body (thickness of 0.5mm):
1. Pot body using high quality imported stainless steel materials, and using the latest advanced polishing technology, pot noodles bright, more easy to clean
2. Pan around the mouth flanging process is anti-drip design soup, pour the soup at the soup will not hang around them in the pot, that is easy to clean edge and will not drip on the table and the dishes, so that also makes Sheng put more beautiful dishes.
3. Pot body inside and outside mirror polished design and the overall pot body is more noble and elegant, it may be suitable for a variety of kitchen and dining room cupboard color.
The drum-shaped design, nice
II. Bottom of the pot (flat, having a thickness of 3mm):
1. Stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel, three-layer composite structural reinforcement pot heat quickly and evenly heat conduction function. Stainless steel heat transfer speed, the outermost layer of the stainless steel heat rapidly absorbed and transferred to the intermediate layer is aluminum, an aluminum alloy heat evenly to its full effect, after the heat conduction to the received spread evenly on the uppermost stainless steel, most Upper stainless steel and quickly bring the entire pot heat absorption come, so that the pot of foo-d can be quickly heated. And even after the heat conduction is up, but the heated foo-d is not easy to stick to the bottom of the pot, so that is fuel-efficient and save time, but also easy to clean.
2. This design allows the bottom of the pot is suitable for pots and pans on the cooker, electric and gas stoves, and other various types of stoves. Heat and fast heat conduction even superior performance while saving the amount of electricity or gas, can help you save energy, play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection.
three. Panhandle:
1. panhandle for senior stainless steel casting with plastic insulation, durable, that is convenient to use and feel comfortable.
2. panhandle use rivets in the pot body, so play maximum security role of the panhandle firmly fixed under normal use conditions are not loose.
IV. Lid:
Spinning made of 410 stainless steel, surface finish polishing, upscale atmosphere.
Five top beads:
1. Insulation top beads, user-friendly design, mushroom shape, beautiful and practical, and with a thermometer, the pot temperature at a glance.

Packaging detail: 17 piece / set Stainless Steel Cookware Set;

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Hot Sale 17-Piece/Set Stainless Steel Cookware Set Silver and Black Kitchen Too

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