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USB Coffee Cup Rechargeable Powered Coffee Mug Warmer Automatic Stirring Brown

Size: 15 * 6 * 6cm
Color: Brown
Material: ABS
Packing: color box
Automatic mixing function, gently pressing the switch, you can get mixed aroma of coffee
# Built-in li_thium ba_ttery, mobile use, rechargeable
# Built-in magnetic devices can be magnetized water, long-term drinking magnetized water, and more beneficial to health
# Built-in heating insulation function, always get the most suitable temperature for drinking hot coffee
# Battery indicator, you can keep abreast of the remaining power
# With the computer hardware is compatible with any computer with a USB port, can be charged
* Voltage: 3-5V
* Power: 3W
* Capacity: about 130mL
Heat: This file open for the heat insulation function
Test: open to here will measure and display the battery charge
Off: Turn off the power
Stir: stirring switch
When the battery is low, you can use the supplied USB cable to connect to a computer USB port for charging.
1, the minimum PC platform USB coffee cup with 32M memory, 100M of available hard disk space, a USB1.0 interface version of the above
2, the standard package:
(1). USB Mug
(2). USB cable
(3). Instructions
3, the relevant parameters
(1), operating voltage: 3-5V
(2), rated power: 3 W
(3), rated capacity: 130 ml
(4), the whole size: 64mm * 64mm * 152mm
4, the product features:
(1), built-in li_thium ba_ttery, mobile use
(2), rechargeable
(3), magnetized water
(4), built-in heating insulation function
(5), battery indicator
(6), automatic mixing function
(7), is compatible with the computer hardware
5, using the method
The function switch to move
(1), "Heat" file: Mug insulation function
(2), "Test" file: detecting the current battery level
(3), "Off" file: Close
(4), "Stir" button: The cup of liquid was stirred
(5) using USB cable to the PC USB port and DC port to connect the cup body can be realized on the battery charge
6 Note
(1), the product should not be immersed in water for cleaning.
(2) when the battery is low, please charge.
(3), should not have the product in high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight can position.
(4), the product should not be placed thick smoke or steam environment.
(5) Avoid dust and debris into the cup.
(6), avoid liquid into the cup interior.
(7) Do not use the product in strong magnetic fields.
(8), should the product withstand strong vibrations or impact.
(9) Please note that off the product after use.
(10), avoid the product into fire.
(11), should not disassemble the product.

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USB Coffee Cup Rechargeable Powered Coffee Mug Warmer Automatic Stirring Brown

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