Children's Home Medical Infrared Thermometer Baby Multifunction Fast Accurate Detection Thermometer
Color: White Purple
Size: 15 * 9.5 * 4.4cm/5.91"*3.74"*1.73"
Material: ABS
Product features:
Multi-purpose, functional complex: 0-100 degrees wide temperature range, can measure body temperature, but also to test the skin temperature of human skin, can also measure the ambient temperature, baby bottles, rice and the like bath water temperature and display clock.
Fast, precise: 0.5 seconds accurate temperature measurement, measurement error of up to ± 0.2 ℃.
Non-contact temperature measurement: 5-15cm temperature without contact with human skin, health and safety, prevent cross-infection.
Convenient and practical: a key measurement, easy to operate.
Memory function: can store 50 groups of measurement data to facilitate analysis and comparison.
Backlight Alert (warning color): green backlight display normal body temperature, fever yellow backlit display, high fever, red backlit display, easy to distinguish.
Fever Tip: sound, display and backlight will prompt fever.
High temperature alarm: the temperature alarm can be set freely.
Unit conversion: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted to each other.
Set Review: You can modify the parameter settings to suit different skin color and race (white, black, yellow race, etc.).
Auto Power Off: 5 seconds no automatic shutdown to save energy.
Automatic data hold function.
Automatic selection range.
Beeper function (can be turned off).
Product Usage
Body temperature measurement: measuring the human body temperature, to monitor whether a child with fever, whether women were ovulating and so on.
Skin Temperature Measurement: measuring the surface temperature of the human skin.
Object temperature measurement: measure the surface temperature of an object, such as a cup, cakes and other objects in the outer temperature.
Liquid temperature measurement: measuring the temperature of the liquid, such as baby bath water temperature, the temperature inside the bottle milk, infant rice cereal temperature.
Detailed list:
1x Thermometer
1x Manual (English)

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Children's Home Medical Infrared Thermometer Baby Multifunction Fast Accurate

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